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TOBY TOVER had an overwhelming drive to have a career as a painter, but responsibilities towards her family led her in another direction.  So, it wasn’t until 1998 (after graduating from UC Berkeley and UCLA with a BS cum laude), that she realized her desire to paint.  She then returned to UC Berkeley and the San Francisco Art Institute.

Tover began focusing on narrative figurative work at UC.   Influenced and inspired by the figurative German Expressionists (as well as American Expressionist Alice Neel), Toby states “I paint subjects to elicit a connectedness with the viewer – everyday life ‘clip shots’, moments frozen in time, have held a fascination for me.  Satire, humor and personal isolation are strong threads that weave themselves throughout my work.  These images have been processed through a personal filter.  Movies, theater and personal or documentary photography have a strong attraction for me, while abstract paintings evolve from an emotional journey to an unknown place”.

“Tover, who describes her previous work as ‘human/social condition narratives’, explores the freedoms granted by abstraction — expressive mark-making unconstrained by the dictates of illusionism — with the discipline of an artist trained in figuration.”

DeWitt Cheng, Benicia Magazine

Tover currently maintains a studio in the Historic Benicia Arsenal and is a member of Gallery 621 and Arts Benicia.

Guest Artist: Estate of Gordon Cook


Toby Tover