Pam Dixon presents:

October 16th – November 30th

Join us for the opening Reception
October 18th from 3-6 p.m.

Gallery 621 is pleased to host this very special exhibit featuring
30 internationally and nationally known ceramists,
many of who 
got their start right here in the I 80 corridor
between Sacramento and San Francisco.



The beniciaMOA seeks to advance and preserve Benicia’s Historic Legend of Art for present and future generations by actively endowing Benicia with a presence of Art in the ‘spirit’ of Benicia’s Art legacy. Join us at Gallery 621 in recognizing and celebrating this heritage and the beniciaMOA.


According to long time Bay Area art critic Gregory Ghent, Benicia holds a special place in Art Legacy of the Bay Area:

“California Funk is considered the only truly original art movement that started in California. Funk is an art form still very much alive today. Ceramics and the town of Benicia play crucial roles in the evolution of Funk.”  read more…

Invited Artists include: Robert Arneson, Clayton Bailey, Jeffery Beckerleg, Mark Boguski, Robert Brady, Jennifer Brazelton, Sandy Calhoun, Pam Dixon, David Gilhooly, Arthur Gonzalez, Lee Kavaljian, Suzanne Long, Kris Lyons, Joe Mariscal, Tony Natsoulas, Jeff Nebeker, Win Ng, Majia Peeples-Bright, Lisa Reinertson, Annabeth Rosen, Tiffany Schmierer, Sandra Shannonhouse, Martha H. Shaw, Richard B. Shaw, Sandy Simon, John Toki, Pete Voulkos, Peter VandenBerge and Wanxin Zhang

Sponsored by the Benicia Museum of Art: A new museum dedicated to preserving and promoting Benicia’s Historic Art Legacy. Special thanks to the Rudolph and Emily (Betsy) Strand Family Collection, Herman and Frances Ng, Philip Lederer Fine Art of Novato CA , Stephen Headley and Artworks Foundry Gallery in Oakland CA, the Arneson family and Madeline Ibrahim.

Benicia Magazine: Benicia’s Internationally Important Legacy Of Ceramic Sculpture
Benicia Herald: A long, illustrious legacy in art: Benicia Museum of Art to launch with appreciation for ’60s ‘Funk’ movement

Also at the Gallery:
Recent work by Susan Aulik, Kari BrinckNikki Basch-Davis, Pam DixonDavid Fitzgerald, Bea Guttman, Phyllis Lasche, TaVee McAllister Lee, Robert Nelson, Kathy Oja, Chuck Potter, Ruth Santee, and Diane Williams

TRANSMIGRATIONAL: Ceramics from the Corridor

[img src=]49510Tony Natsoulas, This is what boys are made of...
48" x 36" x 36", ceramic and copper tubing
[img src=]10.5k0Suzanne Long, Story Teller
23 - 30" h, ceramic
[img src=]47360Robert Brady, BO
26" x 12" x 13.5", ceramic/glaze
[img src=]46850Maija Peeples-Bright, Good Gurnset
[img src=]10.3k0Joe Mariscal, Rex
13" x 11" x 13", low fire Ceramic, terra sigillata
[img src=]10.4k0Jennifer Brazelton, Fukushima Red
15"w x15"h x 3"d, ceramic, Keraflex porcelain, glue
[img src=]45830Jeff Nebeker
Toulouse Lautrec (French Painter Bob)
[img src=]45500Clayton Bailey, Spotted Clincker
18" x 12" x 12", hyperthermic terra cotta
[img src=]10.4k0Arthur Gonzales, Broken Magic
[img src=]10.3k0Arthur Gonzales, Broken Magic