StanDannImg_3GRayStan Dann

Stan Dann’s unforgettable wood wall assemblages play a unique role in California contemporary art. During a career spanning 40 plus years, Dann’s work has been widely exhibited in U.S. galleries, such as his solo show at Allan Stone Gallery, New York, plus international art expositions in London, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago.

His pieces are in major corporate and private collections including Simpson Manufacturing, The Hechinger Collection, McGraw-Hill Publishing, United States Air Force Museum, McDonald Corporation and the collection of Forrest Merrill.

Dann, born in 1931 in British Columbia, Canada, moved to California in the early 1950’s to attend Art Center School of Design in Los Angeles. After a successful early career as a graphic artist, creating wood signage and sculpture in wood, Dann began creating puzzle-like wood wall assemblages around 1980.

His subject matter has been a vast exploration from street scenes to “machinescapes”, including ordinary household items, intricate abstracts and fantastical shoes. All of these subjects and more are rendered in his completely original style.

Now in his Eighties, Stan Dann continues to create artwork in his studio in Lafayette, California. His early sculpture will be featured in the Museum of Arts and Design exhibition “Crafting Modernism: Midcentury American Art and Design” opening October 2011 in New York.

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