Sharon Payne Bolton has two working art studios.  One is in the San Francisco Bay area in the Historic Arsenal in Benicia and the other is her beloved mountain studio in Sun Valley, Idaho area. Whether in Idaho or California, Sharon exhibits regularly in galleries and shows. Collectors and art enthusiasts alike procure Sharon’s work throughout the country. She also conducts popular workshops sharing her mixed media techniques.

Curiosity drives Sharon Payne Bolton’s work, from her large and open-hearted constructions to her Curiosity Boxes and Cabinets of Curiosity. An object such as a matchstick, a letter or bit of wire takes on a variety of meanings, open ended and threaded through the work. Speaking to longing, memory, desire and potential, the mundane and the mystery coexist in a delicate balance that asks as many questions as it might answer. Conventional and even easy symbols such as the heart, a key or the flag are imbued with an emotional grit and power in her hands as she coaxes them into wholeness. The materials themselves, paint, twine, a tiny bottle, an old map, a vast array of found objects, previously used, perhaps discarded or having lost their place, weave their own history into the work, anchoring it to the past while creating a new presence.  Stories unfold as one contemplates the piece and all the elements in it.


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