My world of watercolor and acrylic, of color and illusion, of transparency and translucence, the vibrancy of subtle or intense color, of elusive and amorphous form – all of this is really exciting to me, this concert of small tunes and single notes, a fugue of balanced and counterbalanced tones and colors.

If that sounds a little way out, I am comparing it to the stone carving that I did for 30 years prior to taking up painting.  Stone sculpting is heavy, hard labor involving great time and effort to produce one piece of work.  By comparison, painting is a lark in the morning light that brings a startle of joy.  Every day that I paint is my favorite day.  Everything I paint brings a surprise of what that paint reveals.

I have lived many lives in many places – Manhattan, Vermont, Ohio, Florida, Italy, Libya, Texas, North Carolina, New Mexico, Connecticut and California.  From each place I have absorbed a portion of the culture and color, a reference point for future remembrance.  My painting reflects that esoteric background.