Robert (Bob) Nelson

Bob Nelson and his wife, fellow Gallery 621 artist Kathy Oja, are long-time residents of the city of Benicia.  Bob has served on the board of directors of Arts Benicia, a local non-profit arts organization, and has been very active in the local art scene here.  He’s exhibited in many venues here in town and in the

Bay Area.  While two-dimensional art has been his strong suit, he’s recently recieved much critical acclaim for his 3D art made of reclaimed material found mostly in Benicia.  He’s been very instrumental in taking items that most folks take for granted and molding them into exquisite works of art.  Bob’s passion for making appealing artworks is very much demonstrated in his technique and presentation.  Many of his admirers are thrilled with his enthusiasm and look forward to his future masterpieces!

Robert Nelson