Gallery 621 showcases Benicia, California, as a contemporary center of working and exhibiting artists, and a community of arts advocacy. The gallery is dedicated to increasing public awareness of, interest in, and education about contemporary art within the community of Benicia and the greater San Francisco Bay area.

Membership:  Gallery 621 is a co-operative gallery featuring contemporary artists working in a variety of media including painting, printmaking, sculpture, and photography.

Each artist has the opportunity to exhibit work year-round. A membership fee provides the artist with display space and the opportunity to receive exposure during special events throughout the year at Gallery 621.

Sponsorship: A big Thank You! to our  Sponsor: Kathleen Olson. Sponsors receive a piece of art from their sponsored artist in exchange for sponsoring the artist as a member of the gallery. Support an artist and get a great piece of art by becoming a gallery sponsor. Call the gallery to learn more about sponsorship.

                                                                                                                            Jordan    Olson

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