WilliamsDiane2011-005wbDiane Williams

From the reggae rhythms of the Jamaican streets to the refined classroom of Hangzhou China, Diane has practiced art as both student and teacher.  Her roots extend from her classical training at UC Santa Barbara, to MFA in arts and consciousness studies at John F. Kennedy University. Living in Jamaica at the height of the reggae music revolution, her work is infused with the colorful cadence of the reggae beat. Her studies in traditional Chinese landscape and calligraphy are evident in her bold brushstrokes that seem to dance across the canvas, her use of negative space and the life force energy of “chi”.

Diane enjoys frequent retreats at her cabin in the Sierras, where she is inspired by the unbridled forces of nature. “My connection to nature is absolute. Contemplating nature inspires my paintings just as the act of painting confirms my relationship to nature.  I respond to the canvas with the dance of my body and the wisdom of my being.  I firmly believe what Jackson Pollock simply claimed, that we are nature”.

Another powerful influence on Diane’s art is her work in the intensive care unit and surgical units of Kaiser Hospital where she has been employed for nearly 20 years.  Through this work, she has experienced the body’s miraculous ability to heal, and has used her art as a catalyst for the healing process. “For many years I have contemplated what remains after we die. There is a quality of the personal that extends far beyond our physical existence, just as painting can extend beyond the personal to the sublime”.

The ability to promote well being through the act of painting is extended to her classroom, where she teaches transformative art and abstract acrylic painting. Students are encouraged to learn from each other, as Diane believes we are all students and teachers. “The realm of creation is pre-verbal, allowing responses that are vibration instead of linear. The classroom setting is a safe haven to unleash our desires and to confront our shadows. We must celebrate the gift of fellowship, while we transform like a whisper”.

Diane Williams