Gallery 621 proudly presents all new work by
Daniel Klapprott
Gallery 621 is featuring “Spirit of Fire,” ceramic art from Daniel Klapprott.  By following ancient methods and using only fire and natural materials instead of traditional glazes, he has produced flame painted pieces with unconstrained blooms and bursts of color.  The unique rose, violet, plum, orange, gray and black swirls and patterns result from the nature of the primitive firing methods. 

“I like to fire my ceramics without glazes using pit-firing techniques which allow the fire and smoke to leave their distinctive colors and marks.  Once I have formed the pieces, I burnish the raw clay smooth with a polished stone.  Then the pieces are bisque fired.

The firing take place at the beach.  I dig a large pit in the sand.  The bottom is covered with a layer of sawdust which protects the pieces from the sand and imparts a rich black color.  The pieces are nestled in sawdust and surrounded with organic materials such as dried cow dung, seaweed and table salt; all having the potential to produce colors and leave marks.  Next I cover everything with more dung and some wood then light it on fire.  The breeze, smoke and chemicals released as the natural materials burn create colors and patterns.

Gradually things become visible through the ash and it is very difficult to wait patiently for another hour or two before pulling them out of the pit.  Each pit fire is unique and the results can never be replicated.”

Daniel Klapprott
Show runs from July 6th through July 30th.  
Reception is Saturday, July 8th,  2017 

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