KARI BRINCK: Shadow of Jante

June 12th – July 20th, 2014

Join us for the Opening Reception
Saturday, June14th

The title of Kari Brinck’s upcoming exhibit, “Shadow of Jante”, refers to Aksel Sandemose’s “Law of Jante”, or as it is known in Norwegian, “Janteloven”. Sandemose described a Scandinavian social norm that de-emphasizes individual effort and discourages individuals from standing out in their communities.

 “I have had great fun exploring the meaning and influence of Janteloven, which is familiar to most Scandinavians, but unknown otherwise”, Brinck says. As with most of her work, she finds inspiration in social issues and interpersonal relations. “My sensitivity to the differences in social norms that exist between countries and continents has been continuously sharpened by living in different cultures in various parts of the world.  These differences jump at me as interesting phenomena to be explored and understood”.

Although the phenomenon presented in “Janteloven” is universal, the Scandinavians have integrated the “law” into their culture in a way that is different than we experience it in the United States. The paintings presented are exploring a serious subject, but with a twist. You may enjoy (or be horrified) reading more about “Law of Jante” here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Law_of_Jante.

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