Bits and Pieces: Paint and Paper Works by Susan Aulik and TaVee McAllister Lee

BitsPiecesFront3ImagewebBITS & PIECES: Paint and Paper Works

by Susan Aulik & TaVee McAllister Lee

March 20 – April 27, 2014

Join us for the Opening Reception:

Saturday, March 22nd, 5-8 pm

Looking forward to showing new paper pieces along side paper works and paintings by Susan Aulik, TaVee McAllister Lee says “Originally a painter, I’ve recently become intrigued with combining various paper elements into intimate collages of a free nature. Placed in relationship to each other they begin to speak of the spaces between things, the jagged edges, the frayed or unfinished, a little off kilter perhaps but ever so beautiful in their own way. I think of this work as a meditation on the delicate dance between the precious and the debris, precariously but specifically combined together.”

Susan Aulik says of her work, “The process of painting is full of discovery and surprises. It keeps instructing me throughout. The finished piece inspires me with an idea for the next blank canvas. It’s a relationship and friendship that, though full of ups and downs, continues to grow and deepen.”


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