Nikki Basch-Davis

New Work on view at Gallery 621
July 25 – Sept. 1, 2013

Join us for the opening reception!

Saturday, July 27
5-8 pm

Mood is one of the cohesive elements in Nikki Basch Davis’s work. Her subject matter is diverse, from figurative to Plein Air, both done expertly with attention to composition, color and value.  These skills converge to create a subtle invitation to engage and interact with the painting. Sometimes the invitation is as quiet as a posture or the suggestion of an expression or a gesture and sometimes it is the paradoxical harmonies of light, color and value that welcome the viewer to pause and enter the work. The painting is not insistent or demanding yet it reveals a deep commitment to the emotional qualities of her experience.

Nikki began her art education in graphic arts, which she studied at the Bezalel Art Institute in Jerusalem. She continued her art education in London where she earned a National Diploma in Design. She discovered her true passion for painting at London Royal College of Art.

Nikki currently works and teaches painting in the Bay Area. She resides in Benicia, California.

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