Altitudinous by Joseph Mele 48″ x 24″

ALTITUDINOUS: New Works by Joseph Mele

Gallery 621 features Altitudinous: New Works by Joseph Mele from Sept. 5th through Oct. 13th with an Opening Reception on Saturday, September 14, 5-8 pm.

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Joseph Mele explores the primal, yet universal themes and elements of being human with an engaging naive sophistication. His latest series of paintings manifest an awareness of time encompassing all the action, setbacks, joys and pain of daily life. Having gained a new perspective, yet working from a deep place of the unconscious, Mele utilizes a variety of tools and materials including paint, inks, spray bottles and an electric sander, to engage the canvas. In repeated cycles of exploration he coaxes meaning and form from a foundation of paint and texture that offers a glimpse of a vast and limitless universe. Ultimately the paintings hold the tension of appearing solidly concrete while vibrating with energy and movement as time unfolds. Mele’s dedication to the process of revisiting his pieces over and over again, obliterating, searching, and revealing, presents us with the opportunity to experience simultaneously our aloneness as beings and our inter/inner connection with each other and the something greater that holds and contains us. 

Joseph Mele lives and works in his Benicia Arsenal studio overlooking the shipping lanes of the Carquinez Straight.  With a long list of collectors and exhibits, Mele is a vital and active member of the arts community in Benicia and the greater Bay Area.





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