PL01_Horizon12_24x24GrayPhyllis Lasché

Phyllis Lasché grew up in a family that moved frequently, living sometimes abroad, but never anywhere for longer than two years.  The one daughter in a military family of five kids, she became a Navy nurse although she had a passion for drawing and painting. After leaving the military, Phyllis continued her nursing career as an ER nurse, eventually moving on into roles as an administrator

Ultimately Phyllis turned her attention to her love of art, earning a BFA from Mills College. Exploring a number of mediums, she became passionate about encaustic and served as a Member of the Board of the international Encaustic Association for a number of years.

Today she works in her studio in the hills above Livermore, California focusing on cold wax and oil paint.


“It is the transient nature of being alive, questions about the nature of life, the sense that authentic engagement in life is tied to the ongoing effort to pull order and beauty out of chaos – these are the ideas that drive my art-making today.”

– Phyllis Lasché

A full list of exhibitions and awards is availabe upon request


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