Image4graySusan Aulik

My goal when painting is to takedirection from the paint itself. A mark inspired by either a still life or landscape is put on the canvas; my job is to let it talk to me and, more importantly, to listen and respond to it. My intellectual analysis can be wrong, the paint never is.

The process becomes a love affair or is filled with friction and quarrels based on my ability as an artist to let the painting itself have the upper hand, a kind of surrender and respect. While I may start inspired by the power of nature or the serenity of a still life, the paint dictates how to proceed.

The process of painting is full of discovery and surprises. It keeps instructing me throughout. The finished piece inspires me with an idea for the next blank canvas. It’s a relationship and friendship that, though full of ups and downs, continues to grow and deepen.

I have a Master’s degree in advertising from Northwestern University and a Master’s degree in art from California State University, Sacramento.

I currently work and live in Sausalito, CA

Susan Aulik