SIDE BY SIDE: Diane Williams and Chuck Potter

CnD-loRez-1SIDE BY SIDE: Chuck Potter and Diane Williams

February 13th through March 16th

Join us for the opening Reception!
February 22nd from 5-8 p.m.

Diane Williams and Chuck Potter embrace life, painting side by side.

Each explore their own passion for painting, whether sharing space at I An I Studio in Benicia or at their artist’s retreat, Diamond I An I, in the beautiful Indian Valley. Working independently as painters and teaching painting in tandem, they mutually handle the tasks of managing their studio and their art.

Both work in abstraction with bold expressive stroke and color, painting side by side in a large open studio space transformed by their energy and creativity.

Showing together in Side By Side, Williams and Potter provide us the opportunity to enjoy the power of the paintings separately while observing the echo of each painter’s aesthetic in the work of the other.  One can see the interplay of ideas, materials and painting strategies alongside the individual sensibilities each painter brings to the canvas. Passion resonating with beauty, dramatic sweep laced with delicate gesture, the paintings of Chuck Potter and Diane Williams are a visual banquet, side by side.

photo credit: Michael Van Auken





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